Tue, Jul. 5th, 2016

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Quietly sitting upon my blanket in the grass of my front yard. The neighbors are gathered next door laughing, participating in the celebration of our American independence. I wrap the blanket about my bare legs for warmth, joyful at the loud bright explosions about me. My eyes are drawn upon high as a whir, kaboom, and gold sparkles fill the sky. Falling, fading, to display the evenings first star.

"Star light
Star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight.

I wish ...

I don't know what to wish for."

It isn't because the vanity of wishes have left my brain. To be thin. To be beautiful. To be rich. To be memorable. To be adored.

No such vanity is worth the majesty of a wish that will effect the brief moment I have been granted here to experience life.

World peace, the end of disease, suffering, sadness; they are a collective consciousness, not mine to wish for, only mine to generationally help shape.

"I wish ..."

The explosions all around me, the first star twinkling amidst the glittering fireworks, and my mind stutters to simply discover a wish worthy of 13.2 billion years of light shining down upon me tonight.

"I wish to not die in pain and/or fear."

The and/or is an important distinction here, both must be true for the wish to be granted properly. Out of all the experiences this life offers, these are two I know intimately enough to understand, without doubt, I can skip personally experiencing.

It is as if a thousand horses are riding into battle all about me, explosions afar make it so. A little girl screams in what sounds like terror, but is truly happiness, each time a firework whirs into the air, popping like a .22 and exploding into a colorful glittery rain. The "rockets red glare" can be seen in the flashing glow of distant fireworks overtaking the clouds all about me. And I imagine what it was like, during those 8 years Americans battled for their independence.

No electricity. No electronic distractions. No one for miles around. Yet all around the battle rages. The sky fills with the sounds of battle. So close. So far. Will it fall upon the doorstep soon?

Images of Syrian refugees flash into my mind and I am ever thankful the sounds of battle happening all about me are not real.

How far have we come? Seriously. I cannot tell if we have truly moved forward. Or is the current time just a song skipping in place? A song no longer played on a turntable, instead coming from the cloud.

My neighbors seem to have run out of fireworks. The thundering hooves of a thousand distance horses continue on. The "rockets red glare" fills the distant night sky as fewer booming glitter explosions can be seen in my neighborhood. My dog has been hiding for most of the day. My boyfriend can sleep through anything. My mind can't seem to stop contemplating, desiring to find answers, solutions, truth, stuttering through wishes in a hopes something magickal might still exist ...

In my veins.

Happy 4th of July America.



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