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My bouncy ball chair deflated last night. I am now writing in the mornings sitting on a stool with a pillow until I can get it's replacement. With the way my finances are going that won't be til next spring! Ha! and Ugh! all that the same time.

I am hoping Pants won't need surgery this month, I spent a lot on her last month and really want this second round of antibiotics to be it. As it is now I am canceling many plans so I can afford to still give Floodplain an awesome birthday and keep my sanity around my finances. My car will also be delayed in being paid off - hoping for March to be the end of that money going out the door and will put the title back in my lovely hands.

Speaking of my lovely hands I am 7452 words deep into my story and I feel like I am just barely scratching it's surface! It has been a fun writing process and I plan to just keep this habit going even after Nano is done. I will need a good month to edit it and add to it after this month anyway. Past this timeline who knows what I will do with this story? It should be ready for sharing by that time and maybe, based on reviews, Ill do some more editing and actually try and get it to go somewhere.

Either or it doesn't really matter. I am just happy to get this big idea out and flowing onto my electronic paper!

Speaking of, I know I had said I might share pieces of it here I decided against that though. I went to go share some of the first days writing and started editing it to get it all right and say what I wanted exactly. This is a bad thing for me to start doing.

I know me and I will get stuck focusing on editing it all to be the perfect piece it needs and never get to the end! So, I won't be sharing anything now. Maybe after I start the full on editing and adding revisions though - I can take a few scrumptious morsels and post them here.

Until then wish me luck that I get this done! WOOT!


One More Day

Thu, Oct. 31st, 2013 06:40
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Happy Halloween!!!

Me as CarlosMe as a grumpy Carlos

This morning I am dressed up as a co-worker of mine named Carlos. In my department he is the only male so he has to put up with a lot from us ladies, if we can be called that. This Halloween he gets to put up with us dressing like him!

It is funnier with the inside knowledge that several iterations of Carlos exist in our office, simply because people forget his name constantly! One of the best examples of this is our constant confusion in calling him Marcus, who happens to be the project manager working with us from our vendor out of Tennessee. Marcus and I have worked together the entire time I have been on this project ... 8 fucking years! So, that is the iteration of Carlos I am going as today: Marcus err, I mean Carlos.

There was also that time when a data partner called me and said, "he was out at my office, he really helped us, I can't remember his name, oh you know he is THAT MEXICAN GUY." To which I kind of giggled inside and thought to myself, "did you just call someone 'that mexican guy' while talking to a State worker?" I corrected him and told him Carlos' name, but he kept complimenting him as "That Mexican Guy." Only once did he say his name and that was simply to say, "oh wait did you say his name was Carlos before, I mean Carlos," then within the next breath he said, "That Mexican Guy."

He was truly not meaning to come across racist, he was just kind of slow and he was actually complimenting "That Mexican Guy" the entire time. I re-played the phone call with my co-workers and we all laughed, especially Carlos.

No one is going to work as "That Mexican Guy", for obvious reasons, but we all, especially Carlos, wanted too.

Carlos has also been called Sven, Gustav, Carl, and Bobble-Head. A few of these other iterations of his name will be coming to work as well.

Yeah, we are weird in our department but it is fun!

As well, today is the last day before NanoWrimo begins!!! OH MY!

I am ready! I hope.

Been working on all the concepts I want to carry through the book. Which has the potential of becoming a series if I can get this first one out. Timeline, politics, history, characters, etc. are all pretty basically defined. Some have more in depth ideas than I think will even come out in the book. However, having a background for the world in which the story takes place seems to be giving me more confidence in what I am about to embark upon in writing.

I got to get my bouncey-ball chair inflated better and make my final decision on the date of birth, date of hero creation, and date of adventure for my story line but other than that I think I am ready!

Ive been managing to get up every morning by 4:30. I really need to get that extra 30 minutes out of the way and just get up by 4. It really will make a difference as I try and get everything ready for work, including myself, before I sit down and write. Which takes me a bit longer to do in the morning than it should.

I also want to keep my time cuddling all the animals in bed first thing too! When I am waking up, about 4:15, I turn on my table lamp and this prompts Pants to jump in bed with me. Next comes Kitt-ey, who tries to stay as far away from Pants as possible, curling up on the opposite side as near to the edge of the bed as she can. Just in case Pants decides it is time for a dog-cat chase and goes after her. Then Zen gets in bed with all us ladies, smacks Pants or Kitt-ey out of his way, and cuddles next to me purring.

I spend 15 minutes wrapped in warm blankets surrounded by my cuddly pets just loving on them. It is one of my favorite parts about getting up early.

I think I'll share a sample piece of what I have written here everyday ... or at least I will try. This may be the last post you see from me for a month! Most likely it won't, I'm a writing weirdo and most likely will have to get some prose pieces out during the process.


If any of you following me are on the NanoWrimo site come find me and be my buddy I am TigressSky on there as well.

I'm excited this morning. Feeling like this weight of worry has been lifted from my shoulders. I know I am still figuring things out but there is a path now and I am happy to figure out the twist and turns it will offer.

Things are different now and at the same time they really are not. One small, very minor piece of the person I am changed. I'm no longer willing to make it the big deal a small handful led me to believe it was.

As well, I know I want more out of this life and I can settle for what I have or I can enjoy it and keep pushing myself for more. Maybe my more will never be as big as I dream it but I will never stop trying for it!

I hope I can inspire others to think in this same light. However, I am already inspiring the most important person ... myself.

Big hugs to me!!!

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acquedotti romani

My life is very full.

I try and find time to do everything I want. Yet some things slip from my fingers and I miss opportunities to even have a yes to give to others. Which is why I am up now, bright and early ... writing.

This is going to be my writing time. My story idea for this years NanoWrimo has sprouted it's own wings and taken over a wall in my garage.

During Fall Equinox this year I took my alone time and created a timeline based storyboard. There are elements of all the crazy pieces of life that make me who I am - magick, science, logic, romance and a lot of heartache.

I've laid out all the base pieces in a manner that allows me to ask questions, research, and give myself the answers. Helping, I hope, to ensure that when I get stuck because I am not quite certain how that particular element works within the story I won't have to stop writing. I just jot down on my storyboard where I am in my timeline, what the question(s) is that has created a block, and then move on with writing.

This allows me to research the question later in the day, get the answer drawn out in the timeline storyboard, and, during those moments when I can't figure out what to write; or when I am at the end and need more word count, I can come back and write-in that detail. Knowing me I'll write in the detail the next day. Stupid perfectionist brain!

I have my NanoWrimo profile up with my intro novel information entered. No excerpt yet as I have not started writing. I am using, as a cover image, artist Jake Baddeley's work entitled The Queen of Cups 2. I wish I had something better than Adobe Photoshop 7 to work with, I would like to actually create the cover fully using this image. Maybe one of my friends who loves doing this kind of artistic work would be willing to try making it for me. Although, if the piece becomes something publishable I will have to beg Jake Baddeley to use his work.

Queen of Cups 2 by Jake Baddeley

I don't know what it is exactly about this image that has spoken to me, but here it is. I came across it while simply surfing the internet during the time when the idea for my story first crossed my mind months ago. I am hoping, that as the story progresses the symbolism of the piece starts to scream out at me, and anyone who may read my work after.

It may seem a little presumptuous of me to be concerning myself with book covers, permissions, and people wanting to read my work; yet that presumption is necessary. Envisioning yourself at the finish line is one of the most successful ways to complete a race. Or so I have learned during my time focused on racing, especially while I was preparing for the triathlon.

I found myself envisioning all the people who would be there to cheer me on. I found myself envisioning swimming faster than was even a reality during all my practices. I envisioned myself catching up with the top bike riders. I envisioned myself running at least 3/4's of the way with very few moments walking.

In the end, all those visions came true and then some. The people I needed to be there for support and had envisioned were there. Yet a few extra showed up I hadn't even expected! In the end it only took me 5 minutes longer than the number one female to finish swimming - and I SUCKED at it!!! I passed soooo many people on my bike and found myself half way behind Remy, my coach, on the bike! Then I got to running and my feet were so sore, my socks full of so much sand, the timer rubbing my ankle raw, the last thing I wanted to do was run. Yet I did it! And I ran well over 3/4's of the time only stopping twice to try and get the timer to stop eating my leg. I think I could have run the whole thing!

In the end, everything I envisioned manifested itself.

As well, the one time I was successful with completing NanoWrimo I had made a plan for how to get over those moments of aphasia with music; this time I have my storyboard and research.

So it is with presumptuous enthusiasm I set myself up to manifest my success and by November 30th I will have 50k words and the start of a novel I truly believe will be "the one" ... of which I am still defining what being "the one" means in my heart. How does a novel manifest itself to be "the one" for me?

I have a month to figure that out! Ha!

Until then, expect to see journal entries every morning for the next couple weeks (weekends may be excluded) until November 1st that is! In which time this becomes work and I get my story put down in words.

Can't promise that some mornings, or hell even all mornings, won't equate to shit written entries with not much sense to them. The point is to write however, so, that is what I must do - shit or no shit - that isn't even a question!



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