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"...when it was introduced as a holiday by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, there was no mention of pilgrims and Native people or food or pumpkins or anything like that. It was simply a day for families to be together and mourn their dead and be grateful for the living." ~Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, historian

History is defined by the hubris of humanity to shape the world in it's image. There is, in all things traditionally celebrated, an underlying ugliness to it's creation -- no matter the intent with which it is forged.

So it is, through imperfect means, that a hidden vestige of beauty can be found to honor. Intent can be set to manifest, like a phoenix, a way forward from the ashes of our hubris. Lead by our ability to simply be -- present, here, now, together -- grateful.

Whom do you mourn and whom are you grateful for? What future will be envisioned and shared by those whom you gather with? What history and reflection of tradition will be enabled and recognized?

May I hope for and experience truth. May I be an expression of the light of understanding that where we have been is so much less than where we are. May I embrace the knowledge that it is the dark which shapes the light; for without it there is no need to shine. May I exude gratefulness for the time I am granted under this Earthly Sun.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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